Terms of participation, Kukkola Mill Summer Art (Kvarnkonst)

You and your exhibition

You (or someone representing you) have the main responsibility for hanging and taking down your exhibition. Jala Art & Craft will provide you with tools and other equipment needed for the hanging of art (unless your art requires special equipment) We also have red dots for sold works (in case the customer wishes to collect their art later)

You must mark your own works with relevant info, for instance title, technique and price for each piece. It is also appreciated to have an info sheet about you and your art, for visitors to read. Calling cards/contact info is also a good idea, since many visitors may want to contact the artists later to buy something. You decide for yourself what to serve visitors on the opening event, in your own room/corner of the mill. Candles with real fire are not permitted inside the buildings.

The art must be hung on designated walls and spaces. To make this easier there will be wire nets and wooden boards on some of the walls. We will follow the rules for cultural heritage and be gentle whilst using the buildings. Representative of Jala Art & Craft has the final say-so about the display.

When hanging, we will show consideration for each other and communicate, finding the best possible solution for everyone involved. Those with few works of art may have to share a space with another artist.

It is your choice what to exhibit! The association is called Jala Art & Craft, so whether you wish to display paintings, craft or design is entirely up to you. However, it must be your own work. Take notice, though… the proximity to the Torne river makes the environment moist at times, and it is preferable to choose robust products that can handle moisture without buckling. Photos, for instance, are best printed on canvas.

Each artist must have his/her own art insured. Jala Art & Craft takes no responsibility for the art/craft/design in the exhibitions.

Host schedule and sales
The artists of each period have the collective responsibility to make a schedule, in which everyone displaying art must choose their work days in the mills. Representatives of Jala Art & Craft will help out when necessary. On the opening day you will have opportunity to choose your hosting days. Also, take the opportunity to get to know each other so that we can represent each other, guide the visitors, answer questions and sell art for each other. Jala Art & Craft will provide a card payment solution, for those visitors who don’t have cash. If not earlier, we will go through Zettle (card payment solution) with you on your first scheduled hosting day. Jala Art & Craft will send the money for sold art to your account (or by other agreed arrangement) after the end of all exhibitions for the summer.

Depending on the number of artists in each period, the required amount of work days for each artist may vary. But count on at least 3 days of hosting in a 2-week period.

Costs and agreements between you and Jala Art & Craft

The cost for exhibiting in Kukkola Mill Summer Art is decided by the board. You can choose a lower cost, which includes hosting, or a higher cost to skip hosting. If you live far away or for some other reason don’t have the time to spare for hosting, this is a good alternative.

The fee is paid in advance and is not refunded if you, for any reason, are unable to participate in Summer Art.

If you choose the lower cost it is your responsibility to fulfill the required hosting, or to find a replacement to do “your bit”. If, for some reason, you are unable to fulfill this commitment, you will be charged for the extra time.

Times for hanging/taking down

Hanging will commence according to information sent out by Jala Art & Craft to the participating artists. Be prepared to finish the host schedule at this point. The schedule should get filled at opening day.

We will decide together when it is okay to take your art down. However, your room must be emptied by 8pm on the last day of the period, at the latest.

You must cover all costs for your exhibition yourself.


Jala Art & Craft will advertise for Kukkola Mill Summer Art on Facebook, Instagram, the webpages of Jala and in the local summer magazines.

Jala Art & Craft will print posters that we divide between us and display in our home cities, for maximum exposure.

If you wish, feel free to print posters of your own and display them yourself.